First Meeting of Brunswick Kinder Craft Group


On Monday night this week, we had our first meeting of the Brunswick Kinder Craft Group at my place in Brunswick East. It was great to meet other crafty mums and we have some great makers who will have some amazing crafty items for sale at the Brunswick Fete.

Some of the ideas we discussed were making costumes – superhero capes, dino tails, fairy skirts (no sew and sew). We also discussed recycling fabric from Savers and Op Shops into dresses, shorts, tops. We sorted through some old stock from previous craft stalls and will upcycle in the next few months. We also discussed dyeing fabrics and creating small things with paper. Here are some pictures of a dress I’ve been making from an old tablecloth.
A great suggestion was to create paper lanterns and paper balloon balls.
Here is a pattern from Emma Jones blog – cloth ball pattern
I encourage other parents who are interested in attending upcoming meetings to let me know by emailing Celeste – Our next meeting will be in June. That meeting will focus on making things with paper.
I have put together a list of basic things to bring along for a card making night and some images of the sorts of things we could learn to make. I will purchase some stock cards and gift tags with our Spotlight Donations card (thanks to Spotlight for the $20 donation).

Card making stuff

Pack of blank cards
Plain gift tags
Butcher’ string
Scraps of gift wrapping paper
Scrap booking materials
Ink stamps + ink
Kinder has stamps and fun shaped hole punches to borrow
Old children’s books/ vintage books/ dictionaries/ atlases/ interesting books that we can cut up
Craft glue
Stencils/ templates
Scissors + serrated scissors
Animal shape templates
Sheets of colored paper/card

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  1. Thanks for having me over Celeste, it was a great evening and lovely to meet the talented mums of Brunswick Kinder! We have some fantastic sewers this year, including yourself (your dress is stunning). There are going to be some wonderful good at this year’s fete. If only I could sew….!!
    I have been working on a few craft items and will put them in a new blog as we cant put photos in the comments section.

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